Anonymous asked: "How do you masturbate?"

i rub my fingers hard against my clit and watch gorgeous porn

Anonymous asked: "You haven't written in like forever."

I’m going to write now

Anonymous asked: "You're my fav account omg 😍😍"

thank you ;)

Anonymous asked: "How do you masturbate with a shower head ;)"

I hold it up tight against my vagina and enjoy

Anonymous asked: "Make more stories D; I love them"

I’d love to ;)

Anonymous asked: "When are you gonna post??:("


Anonymous asked: "why aren't you writing anymore? :( write one where They masturbate in front of eachother and then they get really turned on and have sex! please!? ;)"

sorry I was soo busy! I would love to do that one :)

Anonymous asked: "im horny enuff , come thru your screen and lick u n kiss til i make u extra wet and stick my hard dick inside til i make u cum on me :)"

that sounds good to me

Anonymous asked: "Please make the next one!"

any requests?!

just masturbated with a shower head

omg it felt amazing. my legs are literally weak from it.

i’m so horny now, anyone wanna talk dirty to me? i’m really in the mood, send me a message ;)

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